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Welcome to the Ohio State Racing Commission
Ohio Standardbred Development Fund (OSDF)

The Ohio Standard Development Fund was created in 1975. It receives taxes paid on wagers at harness tracks. Beginning in 2013, a portion of the tax on casinos paid to the OSRC became another funding source. The commission authorizes disbursements from the fund after three OSDF Committee members, Chairman Richard McClelland, R. Kevin Greenfield and Senena Esty, hold hearings on conditions for the program and set annual racing dates.

Ohio law mandates the scheduling of up to five races and a championship for each of eight 2- and 3-year-old divisions. Races for older horses may be scheduled and will be in 2015 for the second time since 2009. Tracks add at least 16.67 per cent, or a minimum of $5,000, to purses for each race. Purse money is also comprised of money allocated by the OSDF--that includes Video Lottery Terminal revenue provided by horsemen--and nominating, sustaining and starting fees paid by horsemen. All races leading to championships for 2- and 3-years in 2015 will have a minimum purse of $40,000 and a maximum purse of $45,000. All championship purses are $225,000 guaranteed.

Overall, the vast majority of OSDF moneys are allocated to Ohio Sires Stakes races. A portion of the fund is used for administration and to promote the breeding and racing of harness horses. The fund will also make a $100,000 donation for research to the School of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University. Ohio-eligible horses are defined as those sired by a stallion that was registered with the Ohio State Racing Commission and stood in Ohio the year the horse was conceived.


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2yo Filly Pace

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3yo Colt Pace

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3yo Filly Pace

2015 Ohio Sires Stakes Dates

4-Year-Old & Up Nominations and 2015 Racing Conditions


2015 Nomination Form for 4-Year-old & up Championships


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